Quick Answer: Do Grades In College Really Matter?

The answer is yes, and it depends.

While grades don’t define you, getting good grades in college is worth it, as long as it does not come at the expense of other opportunities.

While GPA, in isolation, intrinsically does not matter, what does matter is what it can reflect to employers.

Are grades the most important thing in college?

Not only are colleges looking at grades – they’re looking at all grades from all four years of high school. Grades themselves carry a lot of information for college admissions officers and are the most important thing they consider when deciding who to admit.

Do grades matter?

Your grades don’t define you—but they do still matter in high school, in your college search, and maybe even in your life after college. This is something many students need to hear. School is stressful. Colleges look at grades, scholarship organizations look at grades, and employers look at grades too.

Do college grades matter when getting jobs?

They matter, but only a little. Employers in your first job may want your general GPA, but won’t be interested in your transcript. And beyond your first job, employers care that you have the high school diploma or college or masters degree, but have on interest in whether you graduated with a 2.0 or a 4.0.