Question: Do Your Major And Minor Have To Be Related?

If you’re passionate about more than one subject and already majoring in the area of your chosen career, you’re probably wondering if a minor needs to relate to your major?

The answer is no, your minor can be in any subject and doesn’t need to have anything to do with your major.

What does having a major and minor mean?

A Major is the field in which a student focuses during the course of his/her degree. A Minor is a secondary concentration of courses that often complements the Major. This usually requires completion of 4 required credits in the Minor subject area. See a complete list of minors available at Carleton.

How many majors and minors can you have?

If you choose, you may declare up to three areas of study. This could be two majors and a minor, or one major and two minors.

Does a minor count as a degree?

Graduate minors

While academic minors are usually associated with undergraduate degrees as a student’s secondary focus, academic minors also exist at the graduate level, particularly in U.S. institutions.

Can your major and minor be completely different?

You can either choose a minor that supports and complements your major, or a minor that is completely different than your major and rounds out your education. After choosing your major, it’s wise to give some consideration to what your minor will be, or if you are able to take the plunge to double-major.

What’s better a minor or a certificate?

It may seem as though a minor is the better fit for you since they appear to be more common than certificates. However, if you are pursuing a technical degree, a certificate may be the better option. With all this in mind, it is important to note that minors can only be incorporated into Bachelor’s degrees.

Can I have a major and two minors?

Majors vs. Minors

According to Fastweb, a major is a degree, so if you double-major you get two degrees. Minors, though they still appear on your transcripts, are not degrees. To receive a minor, you must generally complete about half of the courses required for that degree, Fastweb notes.

Is it better to double major or get a minor?

However, in certain instances, they will be different. A double major does not mean a major and a minor, as a minor requires far fewer courses than a major and is therefore easier to obtain.

What are majors and minors?

Simply put, a minor is a secondary academic discipline–another subject to focus on in addition to the major. Many people minor in subjects that support their major. Perhaps they major in a general field and use their minor to focus or specialize in a certain area. Business majors might minor in Marketing, for example.