Question: Does An Associate’s Degree Transfer Anywhere?

It must be fully transferable at all public institutions.

Statewide guaranteed transfer of an associate degree: Guarantees students who are awarded an associate degree before transfer to a four-year institution can transfer all of their credits to the four-year institution and enter at the junior-standing level.

Will my associates degree transfer?

Completing an Associate Degree “locks in” your college course credits ensuring the credential has a lifetime value. Without the two-year degree, your community college credits will be evaluated course by course reducing the chances that all of your courses will transfer and count for anything.

Does your associate’s degree count towards bachelors?

A full-time student can earn an associate’s degree in two years or a bachelor’s degree in four years. So if you already have an associate’s degree, check with your school’s credit transfer policies to see if you can fast-track your bachelor’s degree and finish it up in just two years instead of four.

Do college credits transfer between states?

How to Transfer College Credits to Another State. Even if the college or university accepts the particular type of credit you wish to transfer, it may stipulate that only credits earned within a certain time period will be accepted. Credits that you earned more than 10 years ago are not likely to be transferable.

Is it better to get an associates degree first?

The truth is, however, whether you decide to earn an associates or a bachelor’s degree first is a personal choice. There is no right answer, and it depends entirely on your goals and preferences. To figure it out for yourself, here’s why pursuing one college degree over the other may make more sense for you.