Question: How Do I Tell My Boss I Want To Work Part Time?

How do I convince my boss to let me go part time?

How To Convince Your Employer To Let You Work Part Time

  • Offer a Solution to a Problem. Employers love problem solvers.
  • Show You Are the Right Person for the Job.
  • Show a Full-Time Value Despite Your Part-Time Schedule.
  • Reframe the Opportunity as a Win-Win for Both of You.
  • Prove You’re Invaluable and Efficient.
  • Focus on Results.
  • Present a Solid Plan.

How do you tell your boss you want less hours?

9 Tips for Negotiating Fewer Hours at a Day Job (Without Getting Fired)

  1. Know What You Need.
  2. Time Your Request Right.
  3. Think Like Your Employer.
  4. Emphasize the Benefits for Your Boss.
  5. Go In With a Plan…
  6. …But Be Open to Alternatives.
  7. Consider Benefits.
  8. Offer a Trial Period.

Can a manager work part time?

This means that a Manager has to work as long as it takes for ALL THE OTHER EMPLOYEES TO COMPLETE THEIR JOBS, which means NO. A Manager doesn’t ever work just 40 hours. It is usually more like 60 to 80 hours a week. What are the maximum hours you can work per week for a job to be considered part time?

How do you negotiate working hours?

Here’s How to Negotiate Flexible Work Hours

  • Read through your contract or the employee handbook. When you were hired, you were likely given an employee handbook filled with the ins and outs of the company’s rules.
  • 2. Make a plan.
  • Lay out the benefits for your employer.
  • Talk to your supervisor.
  • Ask for a trial period.