How Many Questions Can You Get Wrong On The Math GED Test?

GED Mathematical Reasoning has 46 questions, but 49 answers/points.

The Science Section for this test has 34 questions, but a total of 40 answers.

With Social Studies, the ratio of questions to answers is a bit confusing.

Here, some questions, usually single-answer questions, are worth less than one raw point.

How many questions do you have to get right to pass the math GED?

The GED Math test has 46 questions. You need to finish the test in 115 minutes or less. You need to get a score of 145 to pass this section. A calculator and formula and symbols sheet will be provided.

Is the GED math test hard?

The GED scoring system is complex, so one question doesn’t always equal one point. Some questions are fill in the blank or multiple select, where you must select multiple answers, which means multiple points. The GED Math Section has 46 questions, and a passing score is 145-164.

How many questions are on the GED test 2019?

49 questions

What is the passing score for GED test?

The GED® test has a passing score of 145 for each test subject. To earn your high school equivalency, you’ll need to score 145 on all four subjects.