How Much Does An Associate’s Degree Cost Online?

Starting your career with an online associate degree can be a smart financial move.

Community colleges stretch tuition budgets by charging cheap prices.

According to the Lumina Foundation, the average full cost at junior institutions is $9,000 annually.

How much does associate degree cost?

Associate’s Degree Tuition

Associate’s degrees take around two years to complete and the majority are earned at community colleges. For associate’s degree students, the average cost of college tuition is just $3,570 per year at public institutions. Private two-year schools charge significantly more at $14,587.

How much does it cost to get an associate degree online?

Online institutions also vary in cost, though it’s not uncommon for an associate degree to wind up costing between $25,000 and $30,000. For instance, Kaplan University charges $353 per credit hour for most of its associate degrees, so a 90-hour associate degree will cost $31,770.

Which online associates degree is cheapest?

Top 10 Affordable Associate’s Degrees Online 2019

  • #1 – Broward College.
  • #2 – Tallahassee Community College.
  • #3 – Luna Community College.
  • #4 – Clovis Community College.
  • #5 – Great Basin College.
  • #6 – Western Nevada College.
  • #7 – Georgia Highlands College.
  • #8 – Spokane Community College.

Can you get an associate degree online?

Associate degrees can be a quick and easy way to boost your income. Individuals with an associate degree earn on average $128 more per week than high school graduates. An associate degree can also be an important step toward earning a bachelor’s.

Is an associate’s degree enough?

Certain fields will require the complete four-year course, but there are jobs that will accept an Associate degree, such as in jobs in Technology and Manufacturing. For specialized training, most jobs will still require a Bachelor’s degree, but for an overview of the field, an Associate degree will usually be enough.

How much is a 2 year community college?

How much is tuition?

Type of CollegeAverage Published Yearly Tuition and Fees
Public Two-Year College (in-district students)$3,440
Public Four-Year College (in-state students)$9,410
Public Four-Year College (out-of-state students)$23,890
Private Four-Year College$32,410

Can I get an associates degree in 1 year?

In reality, there are 3 common ways to earn your college degree: 1 – Enroll and take for-credit classes at a four-year college or university and graduate with your bachelor’s degree in four years. To graduate with your associate degree, you typically need to earn 60-credit hours.

Is online college cheaper?

This allows online colleges and universities to offer cheaper tuition rates compared to traditional brick-and-mortar colleges and universities. The average student will typically spend anywhere between $100 to $400 per credit hour. Also, students do not have costs associated with commuting to a college campus.

Are online degrees respected?

As more and more trusted schools offer online degree programs, respect continues to grow. According to a survey conducted by, 83 percent of executives say that “an online degree is as credible as one earned through a traditional campus-based program.”