Quick Answer: How Much Is John Madden Worth?

John Madden net worth: Boom!

John Madden is a legendary NFL player, sportscaster and entrepreneur who has a net worth of $200 million.

At the peak of his broadcasting career, John Madden was earning only $8 million a year which is the same as around $14 million today after adjusting for inflation.

How much money does John Madden make from the video game?

EA pays the National Football League and NFL Players Association $50 million to be the exclusive video game licensee, and the company pays John Madden an additional $2 million for the rights to his name, according to Wedbush Securities video game analyst Michael Pachter.

How much is the Madden franchise worth?

Depending on some estimations, this video game franchise is worth an impressive $4 billion. To put this is property context, the only game that outperforms Madden on a consistent basis when it comes to annual releases is Call of Duty.

Do players get paid for Madden?

Players who are members of the NFLPA (the players’ union) appear in Madden through a deal EA has with the NFLPA; the NFLPA gets the money and generally uses it to provide services for retired players. So while EA pays to use those players, the players themselves don’t directly see it.

How old is John Madden right now?

83 years (April 10, 1936)