Is A Postgraduate Certificate A Degree?

A postgraduate certificate (abbreviated as PGCert, PgCert, PG Cert, PGC, or PgC is a postgraduate qualification at the level of a master’s degree.

Is post graduate certificate equivalent to a degree?

The postgraduate diploma is a postgraduate academic qualification taken after a bachelor’s degree. It is usually awarded by a university or a graduate school. It is also possible for graduate diploma holders to progress to a master’s degree.

Is a postgraduate certificate the same as a Masters?

Postgraduate diplomas (PGDip) and postgraduate certificates (PGCert) are qualifications at the same level of study as Masters degrees, but they’re shorter and you don’t have to write a dissertation. That means they’re more advanced than undergraduate Bachelors degrees.

Is post graduate certificate worth?

A graduate certificate falls somewhere between a bachelor’s and a master’s degree. You probably won’t simply be offered a raise because you have earned a graduate certificate. However, it will likely make you more competitive for advancement and more valuable to your employer.

What is the difference between a graduate certificate and degree?

Graduate certificates vs. master’s degrees

A master’s degree is typically a two-year, full-time commitment beyond a bachelor’s degree in a field of study. On the other hand, a graduate certificate — also called a diploma — is a short program of study in a particular subject.