Question: Is An Associate Of Arts Degree Worth Anything?

Is a two-year associate of arts degree worth anything?

“To be clear, students who complete an A.A.

degree earn on average more than a high school graduate — so it is not that the degree has no value,” the report says.

What jobs can you get with associate of arts degree?

What Kind of Jobs Can You Get with an Associate of Arts Degree?

  • What is an associate of arts degree?
  • Opportunities that await degree holders:
  • Salary potential:
  • Human Resource Assistant:
  • Operations Assistant:
  • Paralegal:
  • Account Executive:
  • Creative Assistant:

Is associate of arts degree good?

The associates of arts degree is an inexpensive way for a student to get their first two years of college. These graduates have fewer options and lower salaries compared to bachelor’s degree graduates, or those with associate’s degree in a technical program, such as health services.

Is an associates degree in it worth anything?

An associate degree is relatively affordable, and if you choose to go on to pursue a bachelor’s degree, you’re already halfway there. According to the BLS, people with associate degrees have better prospects for employment and earnings than those who have taken some college courses but haven’t received a degree.

What does an associate’s in arts degree mean?

An Associate of Arts degree is an undergraduate academic degree earned by people who complete courses in the social sciences, humanities and business fields.