Quick Answer: Is Checking References A Good Sign?

A reference check is NOT an offer

But even with good references, the hiring team still goes back over the entire interview process and all the other candidates and determines the best fit.

That said, if an employer is checking your references it’s a good sign, and more often than not it does result in an offer.

What does it mean if they are checking my references?

Usually, when a company starts checking your references, if the references are good, you will get an offer. But in general…if they are checking your references and your references are good, it probably means you will be getting an offer soon.

Do employers check references if they aren’t going to hire you?

Don’t provide your references too early in the hiring process. In case the hiring manager doesn’t conclude his interview by suggesting that a job offer is forthcoming, volunteer to provide your references. Doing so can help you find out whether the company is getting close to making a decision.

How long does it take to get a job offer after references are checked?

Usually it takes 2–3 days once the reference check is completed, if the recruiter is busy with other immediate hiring it may take a bit longer. Wait for 5 working days then you may contact the prospective employer, unless you get the offer letter in your email do not resign.