Is My Resume Too Long?

Resume length grows with the amount of experience required.

For jobs that ask for 7+ years of experience, a 2-page resume is fine.

Resumes should be one page for most applicants.

It all comes down to how many unique, impressive, related achievements you’ve got in your past.

How long is too long on a resume?

It’s too long when you have so much information that the reader cannot grasp the main points of value of the job seeker in the 45 seconds he/she spends on the resume. A general rule of thumb is the average resume is two pages in length. That’s not a rule, but an average.

How long should my resume be 2019?

In 2019, there is no hard and fast resume rule. The length of your resume depends on a number of factors, including your job, industry and years of experience. For 90% of the population, your resume will be between 1 to 2 pages in length. There are a few exceptions when 3+ pages are allowed.

How long should my resume be 2018?

The length of your resume should be based on your experience and the type of job you’re seeking. For entry-level applicants, less is more. Aim for a one-page resume. This is the same for most employees transitioning to a new career field.

Is a 3 page resume too long?

It’s almost never okay to have a resume longer than 2 pages. A 3-page resume will likely annoy a hiring manager and have your resume sent to the rejection pile. The only time it’s acceptable to have a resume longer than 3 pages is if you’re field requires you to list publications, research and other projects.