Question: What Format Should A Resume Be In?

Microsoft Word is currently the most popular word processor for writing resumes.

Documents written on Word will be saved as a .doc or .docx file, which is a popular file format to send as an email attachment.

What is the best format for a resume?

Here are the three most common resume formats that recruiters expect to see.

  • Reverse chronological resume format. This is the bread and butter choice for most job seekers.
  • Functional Resume Format. This resume format has also been called a skills-based resume format.
  • Combination Resume Format.

Which format do most employers prefer for resumés?

Which format do most employers prefer for resumes? The three most common resume formats are reverse chronological, hybrid, and digital.

What is the format of a resume?


Should I send my resume as a PDF or Word doc?

A PDF is acceptable to most employers but you’re better off sending a .Doc if it’s a larger institution that uses resume screening software (ATS). If you’re sending your resume to a recruiting agency a .Doc is preferred because it’s easier to make edits to your resume.