What Is High School Graduation Date?

What date is Graduation 2019?


– April 8, 2019) SUNY Empire State College’s 47th annual commencement ceremonies begin in Albany, Sunday, June 2, and conclude Saturday, June 15, on Long Island.

As the SUNY system’s only statewide college, commencement events take place throughout the state.

What day is high school graduation?

Colleges generally hold their graduations in May. Many high schools hold their graduations in early June. It is hard to generalize because there are so many high schools and colleges in the US and there is no real “general rule” when it comes to graduation.

What month is high school graduation?


How long is high school graduation ceremony?

The Graduation Ceremony

Depending on how big your graduating class is, the ceremony can be anywhere from 45 minutes to four hours. Unfortunately, you don’t get to control who you sit next to.