Question: Will My Credits Transfer To UNLV?

However, no matter how you’re feeling about the change, there are several steps you need to follow.

UNLV defines transfer students as those who have earned at least 24 transferable credits from a regionally accredited postsecondary institution upon application to UNLV.

Can I transfer from CSN to UNLV?

UNLV/CSN Transfer Office

The Transfer Offices are staffed by UNLV academic advisors and admissions representatives who work specifically with students planning to transfer to UNLV.

Can I still apply to UNLV?

We accept both the Common Application or our UNLV Application for first-time freshmen only. Other students must use the UNLV Application. There is no preference given to either the UNLV Application or the Common Application – we recommend you choose the application most convenient for you.

Does UNLV accept dual credit?

Dual Enrollment Program students also have the opportunity to earn dual credit (university and high school) with the approval of their high school counselors. Students who participate in the Dual Enrollment Program attend regular established UNLV courses that are enrolled with UNLV undergraduate students.

Does UNLV have online classes?

From architecture to women’s studies, UNLV offers more than 200 undergraduate and graduate online or hybrid courses in a broad range of subject areas.